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Ipsen P7 Pusher Furnace

C-0170 Seco Warwick Vacuum Carburizing Furnace with Quench

This is a three chamber Vacuum Carburizing Furnace type CME T12 with separate loading vestibule
with preheating system, heating chamber and oil quenching chamber.
Workable Dimensions:
36" wide x 48" long x 32" high
Maximum Load: 2600 pounds
Maximum Temperature:

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Ipsen P7 Pusher Furnace

Williams Industrial Service IQ Furnace Line
with Top Cool (24"W x 36"D x 18"H, 1800°F, gas)

Includes Ipsen temper furnace (24"W x 36"D x 18"H, 1400°F, gas)
Williams charge car (DE, 24"W x 36"D x 24"H)
Williams washer (24"W x 36"D x 24"H, gas-fired) with holding station
Williams scissors lift (24"W x 36"D)
This line was taken out of service in December 2019.
It was running at the time of the shut-down.

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Despatch Batch Temper Furance

U-3656 Despatch Batch Temper Furnace
Serial Number: 98003
Load Dimensions: 56” W x 72” D x 55” H
Overall Dimensions: 9’ W x 8’ D x 10’ H
Heated: Electric, 136 kW
Power: 460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz
Maximum Temperature: 1400°F
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Despatch Batch Temper Furance

U-3659 Ipsen Horizontal Vacuum Furnace
Model: 6 Bar
Load Dimensions: 36” W x 48” D x 36” H
Capacity: 800 pounds gross
Heated: Electric, 112.5 kW, graphite elements
Power: 460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz
Maximum Temperature: 2400°F
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Ipsen 5-Bar Vacuum Furnace with a complete water cooling system

Ipsen Horizontal 5-Bar Vacuum Furnace

V-1138 Ipsen Horizontal 5-Bar Vacuum Furnace
Model: VTC-324-R – 5 Bar
Condition: 1985, excellent condition
Load Area: 24” wide x 36” long x 14” high
Maximum Temp: 2400°F (uniform within ± 10°F
Ultimate Pressure: 10-3 Torr range
Maximum Load: 800 pounds gross
Temp Control: Honeywell UMC 800 (updated 2000)
Vacuum Control: Recorder/Controller (partial pressure point)
Mechanical Pump: Stokes 212, 150 CFM (70 l/s) – 2 HP
Booster Pump: Stokes 310, 400 CFM (185 l/s) – 7.5 HP

HydroThrift duplex pump base water cooling system

U-3646 “NEW” HydroThrift duplex pump base water cooling system
Type: “NEW” duplex pump base water cooling system
Model: FEVF-12410MA NCC444 SSTST
Serial Number: 1174121 (built in 2013)
Pumps: (2) Gould’s pumps
Heat Exchanger: Fin-tubed & air-cooled with two (2) fans; Shell & tube trim cooler
Operation: With normal flow & ambient temperature it produces 20 tons of cooling, designed for an 80ºF wet bulb

Car Bottom Furnace   Vacuum Furnace   Drop Bottom Furnace
UV-1157 car bottom furnace   Abar Ipsen Vacuum Furnace   V-1062 Surface Combustion IQ Furnace Super 36 Allcase

UV-1157 Car Bottom Furnace
Manufacturer: Thermodyne Products
Load Dimensions: 6’ Wide x 11’ Deep x 5’6”
Capacity: 30,000 pounds
High Overall Size: 10’6” W x 16’ L x 12’ H (with mast)
Maximum Temperature: 2,000°F
Heated: Natural Gas
Complete Combustion Safety System

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V-1135 Abar Ipsen Vacuum Furnace
Manufacturer: Abar
Type: Bottom Load Vertical Vacuum Furnace
Model: BM1296, VR-72x72 – 2 Bar
Load Area: 72” diameter x 72” high
Chamber Size: 96” diameter x 108” high
Heating Elements/ Shields: Molybdenum/Graphite
Max Temp: 2400°F
Capacity: 5,000 pounds
Pos. Pressure:15 PSI (2 Bar)

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  U-3543 Despatch Drop Bottom Furnace
Type: Quick Quench Furnace (Drop Bottom)
Manufacturer: Despatch
Serial #: 143569
Date of Mfg.: 1989
Load Size: 48” wide x 72” deep x 48” high
Load Capacity: 2500 lbs. (load & work rack)
Heating System: Electric Elements
Furnace Dimensions: 8’ wide x 17’ deep x 8’ high
Maximum Temperature: 1200°F

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