Used Equipment: Ipsen Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Ipsen Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Stock #: U-3659

Manufacturer: Ipsen

Type: Horizontal Vacuum Furnace

Model: 6 Bar Condition: excellent condition, still running

Load Area: 36” wide x 48” long x 36” high

Maximum Temperature: 2400°F (uniform within ± 10°F)

Ultimate Pressure: 10-3 Torr range

Maximum Load: 800 pounds gross

Heating Elements: Graphite, one (1) zone

Thermocouples: Nickel/Moly-Nickel

Electrical: 460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz

Heating: 112.5 KW, graphite elements

Cooling Fan: 2-speed: 125 HP/31 HP at 3600/1800 RPM

Insulation: Rigid graphite board with coated hot face backed by graphite felt molybdenum shields in critical areas

Other: Extensive spare parts

   Temperature Control: Honeywell UMC 800
   Vacuum Control: Recorder/Controller with partial pressure point

   Mechanical Pump: Stokes 412
   Booster Pump: Roots 615

Download PDF Document: U-3659

NOTE: Equipment is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” and buyer shall indemnify seller against and hold seller harmless from any and all claims, actions and damages arising out of the possession, operation, condition or use of the equipment. Seller suggests that you contact the manufacture for important information pertaining to safety and proper use and operation of the above equipment. For safety reasons, we request that you do not place the equipment into service until you have received current safety instructions from the manufacturer.

Specifications are taken with care, but are not certified. No warranties or guarantees, written or implied.

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