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Used Equipment

Heat Treat Equipment offers a wide range of used furnaces and auxiliary equipment for sale either “As Is, Where Is” or we can update or upgrade the equipment to meet your requirements or specifications. We also offer supervision services to help your people install the equipment or we can do the installation and start-up for you. The used equipment inventory turns over fairly rapidly, so please contact us for current availability or if you are looking for a particular piece of equipment and do not see it on our website. Terms & Conditions.

See a complete list of our current inventory of used equipment.


Aluminum Solution Heat Treat Furnaces
Batch Annealing Furnaces
Batch/Box Tempering Furnaces
Batch Oil Quench Furnaces
Bell Furnaces
Box Furnaces
Box High-Temp Furnaces
Car Bottom Furnaces
Continuous Annealing Furnaces
Continuous Belt Sintering Furnaces
Continuous HQT Furnaces
Continuous Pusher Furnaces
Continuous Tempering Furnaces
Drop Bottom Furnaces

Forge Furnaces
Furnace Lines
IQ Furnaces
Mesh Belt Brazing Furnaces
Mesh Belt Tempering Furnaces
Nitriding Furnaces
Over/Under Tool Room Furnaces
Pit Furnaces
Roller Hearth Furnaces
Rotary Hearth Furnaces
Salt Bath Furnaces
Slot Forge Furnaces
Steam Treating Furnaces
Tip Up Furnaces
Vacuum Furnaces

Complete Furnace Lines

Aluminum Solution Furnace Heat Treat Lines
Integral Quench Furnace Heat Treat Lines

Pusher Heat Treat Furnace Lines

Furnace Parts/Components

Air Cylinders
Alloy Components
Atmosphere Control Systems
Batch Washers
Blast Cooling Sections
Charge Cars
Combustion Air Blowers
Computer Management Systems
Cooling Stations
Electric Motors

Heat Exchanger Systems
Holding Stations
Oil Filters
Ovens (See separate category below)
Quench Tanks
Radiant Tube Assemblies
Refrigerant Air Dryers
Shot Blasters
Soluble Oil Tanks
Vacuum Pumps
Water Cooling Systems

Atmosphere Generators

Material Handling

Ammonia Dissociators
Endothermic Gas Generators
Exothermic Gas Generators
Nitrogen Generators

Holding Stations
Vibrating Conveyors
Parts Loading Systems
Scissor Lifts
Tubs & Containers

Metallurgical Lab Equipment


4 Stage Grinders
Belt Grinders
Cut Off Saws
Hardness Testers
Mounting Presses

Batch Ovens
Burn-off Ovens
Cabinet Ovens
Continuous Ovens
Vacuum Ovens
Walk-In Ovens



Batch Washers
Continuous Washers
Part Washers

Miscellaneous Parts
Leak Detectors
Quench Presses
RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
Shop Supplies
Shot Blasters

Used Equipment By Category
All Used Equipment | Box Furnaces | Car Bottom Furnaces | Continuous Annealing Furnaces |
Continuous HQT Furnaces | Continuous Tempering Furnaces | IQ Furnaces | Mesh Belt Brazing Furnaces
Pit Furnaces | Vacuum Furnaces | Charge Cars | Endothermic Gas Generators | Exothermic Gas Generators
Transformers | Freezers | Parts Washers| Material Handling | Scissor Lifts | Miscellaneous Parts

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